Sunday, October 12, 2014

VAMPIRE DIARIES, Own Personal Hell

Ok, I swear this is the last post about a TV show before I finish and review Maze Runner. I cross my heart and hope not to die on the other side. ;)
So this was episode two of season 6 of the awesome series that is The Vampire Diaries. This show is just... hard to explain. Just trust me when I say that you should watch this. It never gets boring, there is always a twist at the end of every episode, and the characters are MEGA HOT. It's honestly one of the best shows out there.

Thing I want to talk about numero uno: Elena and her Heartbreaking Choice.
I hated that Elena wanted to go to such great lengths to erase the fact she loved Damon from her mind. Just no. It was sad to watch Alaric pick memories of Damon away from Elena and replace them with insignificant things. The time between the first episode and this one was a period of denial that she could do such a thing. I was convinced that she would chicken out at the last moment. But no, the Elena at the end was an Elena that didn't love Damon. It was also sad that all of her friends were on board to hide the truth from her. What happens when they bring Damon and Bonnie back and Elena is confused and hateful toward him?! If you ask me, there will most likely be some type of repercussion to altering her memory like that.

Numero dos: Stefan the Dick, according to Caroline and the World, and Enzo the Avenger.
I personally found the whole ordeal at dinner—between Stefan, Caroline, Ivy, and Enzo—to be hilarious. A little bit serious of course, since Enzo killed Ivy, but when he told Caroline not to make a scene and then stabbed Stefan in the hand with a fork was extremely gif worthy. I could see where Stefan was coming from when he decided to give up on chasing down leads to save Damon and Bonnie. But to Caroline's credit, she was really trying to bring back their friends. To find out that no one else was helping her with that, other than Enzo, would cause me to hate Stefan and cry in my car too. Especially if I realized that he didn't even listen to my voice mails. Though I would so not mind Enzo to go and punish Stefan for making me cry.

Last but not least, numero tres: Damon and Bonnie in their Own Personal Hell.
Damon and Bonnie are a hilarious couple to be stuck together in one repeating day. Most of the laughs that came out of me were during their scenes. But nevertheless, their situation is a puzzling one. It only brings questions that no one knows the answers to—a fact that became apparent when my dad kept on asking me questions while I was watching the episode on Hulu... Why would they be transported to the place and time out of all places and times? What did Bonnie's grandma do? Why is the day May 10, 1994? And probably the most biggest question of all: who is the person there with them? Who is the person that solved the crossword? And why in the world would they choose to solve the crossroad!? If you have theories, please comment!

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