About Me

Kamusta! That means 'How are you?/Hello!' in Tagalog. And that is basically Filipino :)

My name is Akiko, and here are some things about myself that I feel the internet should know.

Reader, Blogger, Fangirl, Perspiring Actress, Roleplay Addict (Shoutout to my second family over on Goodreads, more specifically the Hogwarts Group), TV show Fanatic, Movie Quoter.

I have a lot of dreams that take up my brain; they're the ones that I daydream about constantly, no matter how small it is. Yep, that's right. I'm a dreamer... who has big standards.
I am a seventeen year-old girl who was born in the Philippines and now lives in the United States.
No, I am not fluent in Tagalog. Yes, I would like to learn.

"Food is one of the only things who can't disappoint you" 
At the moment, my only boyfriend is food. It's a pretty easy relationship ;)
I am one of those people who will try anything, and food is included. For example, I've had ox tongue, ox tail, a dish that included blood ALL over it, delicious fried squid, etc. There is more, but I can't think of them right now, and my dad can't remember either. But point is, my ethnicity accounts for most of the weird food that I eat. Maybe I'll even post about it in the future...

I burp a lot. Like alot alotsay it in a British accent and it's suddenly a Parent Trap reference! Just ask one of my greatest friends Liseth who may or may not rate my burps on a daily basis....

"Go easy on him he just lost his son, Fabio"
I'm obsessed with TV shows, reading, and movies. It's gotten to the point where I randomly quote things from movies and then the awkward moment comes where people don't know what I'm talking about and I have to try to explain my thought process which only ends in failure.

"Once upon a time. In a far off kingdom! I wish..."
My favorite musical is Into The Woods. It always has been ever since I had to sit through my brother's rehearsals at age 4. I memorized most of the musical at that age, and the funny thing is that my brother wasn't even a main character. He was a pig.

My favorite color is orange. Don't know why, but it's just been that forever *shrugs*

I play soccer (ehh), when secretly I want to be in gymnastics (WOOO) or do cheer. But not for the purpose of being part of the annoying girls at my school. No, I have this wish mainly because I want to be able to TUMBLE GAH.

The biggest goal in my life is to travel. Rome, Ireland, England, France, Australia, DENMARK. Practically anywhere. I really want to travel the world and experience other places. It's a very elaborate and expensive daydream, but I can't help myself.

Well, that's the start of it. I obviously can't put everything into this page, but if you leave a comment, I promise I will talk to you about others. Hopefully you give me and this blog a chance. You might be surprised :)

Read you later, Akiko.

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