Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Damn... this show is getting intense.
Please don't hold this second blog post of the night and the second blog post about Red Band Society in 2 days against me. I can't help it if I'm obsessed and the feels are in my heart. Plus, I just got finished watching the recent episode, so the things I want to talk about are fresh in my mind.
Thing to talk about numero uno: Kara and the Homecoming Fiasco.
The fact that they even made a homecoming episode just days after my own caused me to give them major props. When Kara got ready and went to the dance with Emma- and Brittany as a chaperon-I was so not expecting what the dance was going to entail. Brittany made me laugh when she wore her hot pink dress and threatened leaving Kara when she was saying bitchy things to Emma. It made me like Brittany even more. Secondly, I can already see a bigger story line opening up with Emma and her eating disorder. When she pushed away her food I wanted to yell at her for being so dumb and shallow. Just because those girls raved about how she was sooooo skinny, does NOT mean it is a good thing. Props to Ciara Bravo for... well acting. And lastly, THAT KISS BETWEEN KARA AND LEO. I did not expect that either. I admit that it was very sweet, in a weird way, how Leo defended Kara in front of the whole school when everyone pitied them. Granted, it was by calling her a bitch and selfish, but to Kara that apparently meant the world. Still... the Kara at the end of the episode looks like she has stopped being overly mean and has stopped relying solely on material things.
Numero dos: Jordi and his mom. 
I absolutely hate how she just left him like that. And it wasn't even the first time! After saying that she was going to be there for him repeatedly, she still left him. When she sat down because he asked, I could see that all she wanted was to get away. Nurse Jackson's gut was right about her. She also couldn't have left at a more terrible time. Right when Jordi stopped "looking ok" and actually started showing signs of chemo, she got scared. It was a cowardly thing to do, and I hate her for it. But you know who said this would happen? JORDI. And who said that he was wrong and it was a good thing to have her around? EVERYONE ELSE. Apologies all around.
Well that's all I can think about right now, so if you liked reading these and weren't bored by how long it was, please let me know if I should write these more :)
Also THEORY: I think that Nurse Jackson was so against Jordi's mom about her leaving him because she herself can't have kids. She said that so many adults would love to have a kid like Jordi. My theory is that she can't have kids so she doesn't like Eva because she doesn't like the fact she would throw away the opportunity of being a mother.

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