Tuesday, October 7, 2014

From the Very Start

Hello to anyone who sees this! I am currently trying to figure out how to write down my thoughts right now, because well I want to make this first blog post perfect. About a half hour before I made the decision to put my thoughts on the internet, I was going through two blogs: a YouTuber that I subscribed to, and one with a few giveaways and a super pretty layout. There was a post on the latter blog about getting the opportunity to read an ARC and review it honestly, and I thought to myself maybe I should put my thoughts out in a blog. I've already tried making Youtube videos, but those take up more time than I have. I'm a high school student with homework for God's sake.
I've also tried writing down some of my thoughts and awesome day events in a journal, but I get lazy and haven't written in my blue leather-bound journal in awhile. And so that brings me here. This is great typing practice, and I've always wanted to rant and talk and review things that I love. The only problem is I mostly don't have anyone to rant and talk and review things to. That is a major problem unless I want to rant to myself- alone in my room.
This blog will be about anything and everything I want it to be. Book reviews, books I want, books that I just bought. As you can see, books will be a major part of this blog. Although obviously I'm not just going to stop there since the blog is called "Obsessions of Life". And by 'of Life', I mean 'my Life'. I will also write about funny stories that happened in my day, you could be surprised by how many there are, dreams to travel in the future, food, TV shows, etc.
This is just an experiment, something that I did on a binge, but I will try to make this an interesting and fun time for me and anyone who reads. 

Write you later,

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