Thursday, November 27, 2014

New TV Obsession: Jane the Virgin

Heyyo! Sorrry that I've been AWOL for awhile. But hey, no time like the present right?  This new TV Show has been a recent obsession of mine. I got hooked on it from the very first episode, because of my mom go figure, and I've been looking forward to the weekly episodes ever since. If you haven't seen the show, or you have and forgotten what it is about, then I suggest you go watch from the beginning. In not, here is a quick summary:  So Jane Villanueva was accidentally inseminated in the doctor's office when she went in for a PAP. And yeah. That is basically it. I don't want to tell you too much (I don't want to spoil the show!) so just go watch it!! Honestly, this show just gives me the gigantic feels. If you are not up to date then I suggest you exit out out of the window! For people who are just as effected by this show as me, then welcome :)  Here are some things that make this show awesome: it's humor, it's characters, the music, and of course... the love story. 
1) Michael, Rafael, and Jane the Virgin. For the six episodes leading up to Jane breaking up with Michael, yes that's right this is what I'm leading with, I had a feeling that Jachael were going to come to an end an Jafael were going to become a thing. I absolutely adored Michael though and thought that him and Jane were wonderful together. But... Rafael and Jane gave me more feels than Jachael. Plus, I'm pretty sure that Michael is hiding something pertaining to his brother. My mom insists that he can not be trusted. Michael, not his brother. Like I said before, in the last episode Jane broke up with Michael and Rafael finally made his move and kissed her. It was the perfect ending and rest assured I was squealing the whole time. 
2) Petra and her mother, who I hate. What the heck is up with Petra and her psycho mom??? When we found out the secret that Petra is doing everything she is doing to protect, the fact that her name is Natasha, I was surprised. Her mom, who is freaking crazy, apparently will do everything she can to make sure Petra stays married to Rafael because punching her and filing an assault charge? Really? I whooped in victory at Rafael's sassy-ness though. Taking away the water and air conditioning and power? Oh yeah!
3) Jane's family issues. Jane's father cracks me up. He goes to such great lengths to try and impress Jane, it's hilarious. The whole walking down the stairs super slowly made me laugh so much. Of course,  don't like all of her now extended family. Valeria and Victoria, the evil former stepsisters, are also characters that I wish I could strangle. The way they treated Jane was so awful. And their mom? Ugh, such a b*tch! The botox on her face made her look like a clown in the making. Like always, I have a lot on my mind from this show. I have so many things that I want to talk about, but I don't want to keep on writing this until I'm 25. So I'll leave you with this question. Do you like Jane with Michael or Rafael?

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